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coming from Amol and thinking about entering to THE International Market...

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Managing Director’s Speech:
Present century is the time for human to develop the levels of technology. Kardar Industrial Group attempt to compete in world wide market and try to consider international standards and promote technology levels.
In this direction international standard , ISO 9001 – 2008 , was considered in designing and settlement of organizational structure. The senior management of organization puts the below targets to priority activities :
1) Increase customer’s satisfaction via permanent increase of quality levels of products and organizations services.
2) Attract and partnership of humanity investments via preparation of suitable working place and permanent training indirection of above targets.
Organization management prepared necessary sources and equipments . All employees do their tasks indirection of obtain fine level of customer and supply standard obligations of products.

About Kardar Group

Introduction and history of Kardar Industrial Group
Kardar Group have committed management and ARE responsible for expert employees , by using software and hardware facilities creating high capabilities related to the most updated sciences and technologies of the world for presenting at completion with the same internal or abroad companies in the field of operational and practical subjects and implementation of Research and Development (R&D) which, is coming from Amol and thinking about entering to THE International Market .
This group was registered on 1999 at THE Mazandaran Province , in Amol city and started participating at civil installations and constructional projects at Mazandaran Province , Tehran City , Kish Island and etc. , IT widen its activities WHEN IN 2003 IT lead to establishment of Tehran Office WHICH IS located at Africa Blvd.
This Company consists of the following Managers and companies and masking industrialization flag and presenting at this field.
Past: we learned, worked, experienced, won
Present: by gaining credit and successfulness entered to national and international markets
Future: equal to international companies , in head of Construction Industry Pyramid , Region's Trade and Technology

Sub companies

Karasazeh company. Artificial stone is one of the areas of activity of the company. Login
Rakhshan sazeh jam in the field of structural steel frame is active. Login