Kardar Group's sub companies

Abran Khazar Kara Engineering Company
Abran Khazar Kara Engineering Company (ltd) was registered in 1378/12/10 in A Documents Registration and Properties Company in Amol in order to present technical engineering services for reconstructive projects.
The subject of company’s activity is about execution of buildings, water supply installations and urban and rural sewage.
This company developed its activity with execution of installative, water and sewage, constructions and etc. projects in Mazandaran, Tehran, Kish Island and etc. The second branch of this company have been started since 1382 and located at Africa Boulevard in Tehran.
At this time about 1200 housing units are being made by the company in Mazandaran and Tehran in cooperate with Housing and City Planning Ministry, contract of rubber dam construction in Freedom Kenner and construction of water and water tank transfer line in Gorgan and Isfahan. It has about 600 labors working there.
This company got the first grade in mass construction and third grade in installations and urban mobilizations; also it could earn fifth grade in buildings class and third grade in water class. It has authorization from employer’s society. The company did the best in different projects with responsibly operation and could get confirmation from different governmental organs and private employers, even though it profits by new science and executive supplies and expects golden future for services in country.
The other field of company’s activity is trade activities of seasonings and water and sewage installations. It has several internal and external branches in this field. TPEM Companies in Russia and Alsatian in Kuwait are its branches.
The first section of activity:
o Buildings
1. Make water tanks
2. Make concretely tanks
3. Make fiberglass tanks
The second section of activity:
o Water and sewage
1. Keeping water and sewage grid
2. Keeping water and sewage refineries
3. Design and create water and sewage refineries of water and sewage pumping stations
4. Transfer lines of water piping projects execution
5. Sewage piping
6. Fiberglass tanks execution
Alsatian Company Branch
Alsatian Company, the official branch of Abran Khazar Kara Company, is the first producer of sewage polymer products and GRP concrete in the Middle East. Polymer pipes are resistant to erosion and have strong thermostatic properties. These pipes are the best choice for sewage piping and appropriate for open tranche piping.
These kinds of polymer pipes have chemical resistance and fine erosion, without any unpleasant effects on environment. Also this company was succeeding in the project of pipe jacking with polymer concrete pipes in the Middle East.

Developing Plans

Management of Abran Khazar Kara describes future plans of the company:
A. Sign of industrial EPC and non-industrial EPC agreements B. Execution of engineering services in goods provision , oil and petrochemical gas lines piping
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