Kardar Group's sub companies

Rakhshan sazeh jam
This company was registered in 1380. At this time it’s working on a land with an area of 7300m2 and a production saloon with an area of 5000 m2 and a covered passage warehouse with an area of 1000 m2. Its fife story administrative building has an area of 1100 m2 and about 112 personnel are working there. Its investment is about 60millions Rails.
In 1388 , this company in direction of excellent targets of government , based on doubled ambition to execute industrialize buildings , described its short term , medium term and long term plans , and for the first time in country started to make national abodes , named Nick System , after sign agreement with research and adobe center in country , and had projects amount to 712 units in Noor , Hashtgard and Royan , that all of them was constructed with new technology and materials.
Production lines were designed and prepared in direction of industrialize building , so we create R&D unit in group and with expert and undertaking personnel , in this direction , proportion of increasing productions and updating production technology , expansion phase is created. A land with an area of 25000 m2 in manufacturing city, Tashbandan (second phase), was purchased and will be taken action in consideration of starting manufactured homes company, totally automatic line for producing H and BOX metal factors and etc. hopefully with reliance on God, this goal will be operate until end of the year 1390 and output tonnage will be at least 1500 tons of any kind of industrial and building metal factors in a month.
This collection invited beneficiaries and honorable customers , for the sake of construction processes control and efficiency support of quality control unit , to attempt to experimental and qualitative supplies like boiling ultrasonic testing machine , specific sprays for testing penetrating liquids and types of welding gages. By the way production of this part that actually named National Abode was introduced to building industry in country. The description of this production is following below:
The main production of this company is Nick System design skeleton. Number of stunts are (3 * 2) and (4 * 2). It has three main production saloons.
Technical specifications of Nick System 3 and 4:
o Type of skeleton : manufactured cold processed steel frame o Construction area : 75 m2 ( without shared ) o Skeleton weight : Nick System 3 ( 40 kg/m2 ) and Nick System 4 ( 45 kg/m2 ) o Type of external cover : light concretely manufactured panel with metal frame o Type of last floor’s roof : slope roof ( mandolin ) o Type of between floor’s lifting roof : composite o Fake roof : catch layers
Properties and Advantages of Nik System 3 and 4:
o Compatibility with relaxation and ergonomics condition in Iran
o Ability to use for public
o Ability to design and construct them with available supplies in Iran
o Ability to compatibility with architectural condition in specific climate and cultural area
o Ability to construct and execute for different economical conditions
o Ability to localize and resistant to natural disaster specially wind and earthquake
o Easy construction and execution
o Possibility to produce in different parts of country
o Profit from ways and common tools of construction
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